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Artist Karin Sheldon shares her art story

Grandmother Karin Sheldon enjoys making things – whether it is delicate jewellery, or restoring her stone cottage.

Karin Sheldon who is exhibiting at Art Fair Cheshire.

Her hand-crafted jewellery and silversmithing will be proudly on display at Art Fair Cheshire.

Her days are taken up either creating art work, or renovating her Bollington home once owned by her mum Helen Daniell.

Home and jewellery maker Karin Sheldon with tools at the ready.   

Karin said: “I’ve been a maker all my life and if you want it, make it. My parents were makers as well. I didn’t know what I wanted to do when I left school but heard about art school where you could make stuff so took a degree in jewellery and silversmithing.

“I’m a DIY person and doing a lot of the work on my cottage which is nearly complete. I only get the experts in when I need to.

“If you’ve grown up using materials you have an innate understanding of them and mine stretches to precious metals as well. ”

In addition, Karin has donated a necklace to help further boost Art Fair profits  and she has a soft spot for the Hospice which cared for her late mum who died in 2008, aged 81.

She said: “They looked after my mum and looked after me as well which is the wonderful thing about hospices. It is a marvellous place and I’ve also had friends cared for there. ”

The Sheldon name is synonymous with design. Karin’s family once owned Paradise Mill at the Silk Museum.

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