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Annie’s legacy

Helen Dimmick inherited her love of jewellery from her late grandmother Annie, a gem who twinkled in her eyes.

The wedding ring Annie gave her before she died at East Cheshire Hospice in 1994 is the most precious thing she owns.

Helen, now a leading jewellery specialist, is passing on her expertise to thank the Hospice for caring for Annie all those years ago.

She is donating 15 per cent of profits on all work undertaken in memory of a loved one. This includes resizing rings, remodelling jewellery, recycling gold for cash, or even creating bespoke items.

Jewellery expert Helen Dimmick.

Helen, from Macclesfield, has fond memories of weekend visits to her grandmother.

She said: “I’d play with her treasure box full of costume jewellery – the decorative effect and fun we had dressing up together was priceless.

“Nana also loved precious jewellery and having worked in a mill all her life she saved and appreciated the finer things in life.

Helen and brother James  with their grandmother Annie Dimmick.

“Accompanying her to antique fairs, I recall her keen eye spotting a bargain or unusual jewel. By far the most important thing to her was her wedding ring.

“Sadly she was widowed at an early age, but the love and memories contained in this simple 22ct yellow gold band mean it’s the most precious thing I own.”

Helen will be offering advice at Arighi Bianchi on Wednesday afternoons by appointment. Zoom calls are also available. Her email is, or call 07939 047056.

Helen, a qualified gemmologist and diamond grader, said: “I’m passionate about people and jewellery which has a sentimental value higher than its material value, though that’s increasing as gold prices rise.

“Jewellery can also be given a new lease of life. For instance, one lady had her husband’s ashes put in a locket and for another client we adapted a signet ring to include a wedding photograph.

“We’re only ever guardians of jewellery for a fleeting moment in time, as precious metals and gemstones have a durability ensuring they’re passed through generations.

“My nana is my guardian angel and I appreciate and respect the special care and dignity only a hospice can provide and which she received at East Cheshire Hospice.”

Annie Dimmick pictured in 1968 at the wedding of Helen’s parents. 

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