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Ali Mitchell’s Wingwalk experience

Thrill seeker Ali Mitchell has vowed to return to the skies for more after her wing walk debut.

Next time the district nurse will be attempting loop-the-loops on to the top of a biplane.

Ali, from Hurdsfield, joined other daredevils at an airfield in Gloucestershire, all raising money for East Cheshire Hospice.

Ali said: “It was amazing and something I’ve always wanted to do. I’ve done a sky dive before and I’m a bit of an adrenalin junkie, so it was on my bucket list and have ticked it off now.”

She said: “It was a pleasant experience, but I was waiting for an adrenalin rush and didn’t get one.

Wing walker Ali Mitchell.

“Maybe it was because pilot was fantastic at what he was doing, or that it was such a beautiful day and very calm up there.

“I didn’t even feel the plane landing. Next time I’ll do the loop-the-loop for a bit of a tummy flip. They’re only allowed on a second flight.

“The experience is so safety conscious and you’re so well strapped in. A couple of others chose a more thrilling ride with the plane on its side, but I wanted it more sedate for the first time.

“The instructors were fantastic and I can’t praise them enough, they were brilliant.

“I was also wearing shorts so next time I might wear long pants as my skin was wobbling a bit and the worst part was climbing on to the wing.”

Ali has close ties with the Hospice. She said: “I work out-of-hours as a nurse so liaise very closely with the Hospice @Home team and that’s how I know how amazing they are.

“It’s a fantastic resource that we’ve got in our area and we’re so lucky to have it. I had a friend who passed away in there unfortunately in her 40s.

District nurse Ali Mitch (centre) with fellow wing walkers from East Cheshire Hospice and their pilot Dave.

“I think it’s appalling they have to rely on charity to fund them and we should all try to do as much as we can to support the Hospice.

“I know money is tight at the moment and people are being generous with sponsorship.”

Husband Joey saw Ali take to the skies, promising to join her next time.

Meanwhile, Ali is signing up for a sky dive organised by the Hospice on Saturday, May 13, with full details announced soon.

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