Introduction to East Cheshire Hospice's new Corporate fundraiser - East Cheshire Hospice

Introduction to East Cheshire Hospice’s new Corporate fundraiser

Talented actor Luke Oldham has landed a new role – as corporate fundraiser at East Cheshire Hospice.

He admits he is still learning his lines after only joining the cast at the much-loved charity last month.

Luke will be centre stage liaising with a business community which continues to show huge support for the Hospice.

For example, the charity’s popular 500 Club, in which organisations pledge to raise £500 a year, now has a record 40 members.

There are also many other ways companies help the Hospice through their own events and sponsorship.

Luke in his role in ‘Bismal Boys about the 1979 fire strike.

Luke became a professional actor after leaving All Hallows Catholic College in Macclesfield.

He trained at drama school, performing several Shakespearian roles in provincial theatres.

Luke appeared at local drama festivals and toured Italy and Turkey with children’s shows, receiving award nominations for his work.

He left the professional theatre world, though, during Covid.

Luke said: “The industry closed down unfortunately when lockdown hit in March 2020. There was never a guarantee of work anyway and my priorities shifted.

“I wanted something different out of life and more stability.”

After working as a personal trainer, Luke went into sales, a field which gave him certain skills he can employ with the Hospice.

He said: “I realised that I wanted to do something where I was making a difference to lives which is why the Hospice is perfect for me.

“I’m excited by the challenge and have only recently arrived so I’ve a lot to learn on the job.

“I’m going out meeting supporters and creating and maintaining relationships with them.

Luke Oldham (right) with Hospice colleague Luke Brightmore.

“It’s a fantastic environment here, though I knew that before I came here having lived in Macclesfield for as long as I have.

“Everyone knows someone with a connection. It has touched everyone at some point.

“It’s so engrained within the community and has such a great reputation. If you were going to pick a charity to work for, it’s hard to find a better one.”

Luke’s acting career is still flourishing. He said: “I loved being part of it and still do, but I now treat acting more as a hobby than a career.”

Luke is a member of MADS and has started rehearsals for their next production Macbeth in which he plays the title role. It runs from Mon Dec 4 to Sat Dec 9.

He has worked with Northern Rep Theatre and performed in ‘Bismal Boys about Macclesfield fire brigade during the 1979 strike.

That production won best drama at the Greater Manchester Fringe Festival, while Not Being Mean, which Luke directed, won best comedy in 2022.

* For corporate Hospice inquiries contact Luke on

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