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Virtual Singing Together

Music is extremely powerful in re-establishing lost connections in those living with dementia due to how the brain stores things with a rhythm separately to how it stores everyday vocabulary. This means a person who may now struggle with conversation can still sing along to the words of a song. By going through this process, it uplifts and brings a sense of joy and improvement to wellbeing, for anyone who takes parts, not just the person living with dementia. Music, along with exercise and nutrition, are the most underutilised tools in dementia care. Singing Together is a chance, once a month, to experience that feeling (you don’t need to be a good singer, it’s all about joining in as much or little as you want) and reminisce about your favourite songs.


Join us on Zoom for some singing and dancing together with Musical Moments.


The session is aimed at people in East Cheshire living with dementia and their carers to help uplift and energise the body and mind.


The group runs the first Friday of every month 10.45am until midday.


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