Thronton Square Refurb

The East Cheshire Hospice charity shop at Thornton Square has been revamped - without spending hardly a penny!

Volunteers and staff rallied round to carry out DIY improvements to the shop during a five-day closure.

The shop re-opened on Saturday, April 21, with bumper takings of more than £1,300 on the first day as the community again showed their support for the charity.

Commercial Manager Louise Delany is delighted with the changes which see a new lay-out and a designer rail for high-end clothing labels.

Louise said: "The shop was due a revamp and I want to thank the amazing volunteers and staff for their efforts cleaning, painting and re-organising the shop.

" I've worked in big organisations and I've never seen a bunch of people work so hard and show such passion and commitment.

"I'd also like to thank our customers for the patience. We had people knocking at the door wondering why we weren't open and the feedback since re-launch has been extremely positive, saying the shop looks bigger and lighter.

"We'd ask people to donate one or two good high quality items if they can. It might be clothes that don't fit any more, or aren't quite their taste now. The proceeds from sales goes towards caring for Hospice patients so it's a vital source of revenue for the charity." 

Louise took charge of the Hospice's retail division including three charity shops and lottery in March, while Ursula Brown began her role as manager as the Thornton Square shop last month.

The pair are appealing for more shop volunteers. Ursula said: "The shop is very well supported by the public and sells a variety of goods. We receive a lot of donations for which we're extremely grateful and ideally we'd like more help processing those donations if possible."

The shop has a new dedicated book and DVD room and the £1 rail remains. To contact the shop call 01625 408992. Opening hours are 9 am to 4.30 pm Mon-Sat.