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Children’s Bereavement Services – Free Training

Even as professionals we can find ourselves feeling a little unsure and scared about how to proceed when we need to talk about death and dying to children and their parents.  If you find yourself a little unsure and wanting some support around this we offer a range of courses as well as telephone advice and support,  for those working with children and their families.  We run these regularly here at the Hospice or if you are in East Cheshire we can come and deliver them at your premises to your whole team.

Available training courses

Led by Lindsay Dobson Reynolds MA, Therapist for Child Bereavement Services at East Cheshire Hospice 

Certificates / CPD points: Certificates will be issued shortly after completion of training.

Duration: Training starts at 10.30am and finish at 4pm.

Location: East Cheshire Hospice, Millbank Drive, Macclesfield. SK10 3DR.

Lunch: Light refreshments will be provided, please advise any special dietary requirements or allergies.

Future Training Days (Thursdays) 2019


9th May – Anticipatory Grief

We can grieve before a death happens, this workshop is to help us understand who might go through this process, and what it might look and feel like, as well as ways to help support those grieving.

June 20th – Attachment Theory (and why it’s important particularly regarding loss)

This course is a brief introduction into what attachment theory is and how it may impact upon our lives.  As well as what it looks like when attachment is disrupted and how to support good attachment.  This is particularly important when we work with children who are grieving as it may play a part in how they manage through this transition.

Aug 21st (Wednesday) – Understanding A Childs Grief

On this workshop we take a look at how a child’s grief may differ from an adult’s grief.  We take an overview of the different ages and stages and how each may be impacted as well as look at some creative ways we can help children explore their grief.

Sept 12th – Teen Grief

The teen years are a particularly turbulent time, this course introduces us to some of the changes teens are going through and how this might complicate grief for them and some ways to help them manage their big Big feelings.

Oct 31st – Building Resilience in Ourselves and Our Children

Resilience is so incredibly important in how we deal with life’s challenges.  This workshop explores what it is and how we can foster it in ourselves and others.

Nov 14th – Understanding Anxiety and Stress

Anxiety and stress are two of the big reasons people might come to see me as a therapist, this course helps us understand what is going on in our bodies and minds when we are feeling this way and some ways of managing it. Looking particularly at the use of Mindfulness as a tool to help us.

Dec 5th – Understanding Suicide and Self Harm

The aim of this workshop is to reduce the fear around supporting someone presenting with either suicidal feelings or self-harming behaviours.  We will explore some of the reasons someone may turn to these and some practical ways to support someone, in particularly looking at a framework to help us have these conversations in a way that helps us feel safe and knowledgeable about what to do next.

Future Training Days (Thursdays) 2020


Jan 23rd Running a Bereavement Support Group

We often get asked what this would be like and look like, this course explores some of our learning about what makes for a useful group and encourages you to explore your own views of what might make for a useful group in your setting.


Feb 20th – A Serious Illness in the Family

Supporting a child when a parent is diagnosed and how to have conversations about death and illness.

This workshop explores how we talk to children when a parent is diagnoses with a life changing illness and how we include them in our not knowing, or even start to have dialogue about death and dying.


March 12th – The Use of Mindfulness with Children and Teenagers

Mindfulness is being introduced into many schools and other settings and is an incredibly useful tool for helping children manage their emotions, this course explores ways we may adapt mindfulness training to work with children and adolescents. As well as hopefully, if your new to this, get you inspired to start your own practice and learn more!


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