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Dementia Support

Dementia carer wellbeing programme

Our Dementia Carer Well-Being programme is a structured eight week well-being and support programme open to carers of people with dementia. If they wish, carers are able to bring the person with dementia with them to the centre where our trained dementia buddy volunteers will support the person with dementia whilst carers attend the well-being programme.

The aim of the programme is to help carers learn more about living with dementia, develop resilience, enhance their own coping strategies, develop new ones, share experiences, have some respite and gain peer support from others in similar circumstances.

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  • Carers information leaflet
  • Referral process and contact details
  • Referral form

Community Dementia Companion Service

Our Community Dementia Companion Service is here to offer support to people in the earlier stages of dementia and assist their loved ones. The service offers companionship each week for those with dementia and the opportunity for carers to take some time out.

Our trained community dementia volunteers will offer companionship and opportunities for the affected person to maintain interests and social activities, either at home or in the local area. Visits can last 2-3 hours and are usually once per week, and will be planned so carers also have a chance to recharge their batteries by doing something enjoyable for themselves.

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  • Referral process and contact details
  • Information Leaflet
  • Referral form

East Cheshire Hospice is so committed to improving the lives of local people with dementia and their carers that the development of specific services is included in the Hospice’s five year strategy. We are involved in different dementia initiatives including the Care Home Exchange Scheme and the Dementia End of Life Practice Development Team; our Dementia Carer Well-Being Programme is one more service aimed at improving the lives of those with life-limiting illnesses and support their carers.


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