Chaplaincy and Spiritual Care

A stay in the Hospice can be an uncertain time, whether you are a patient, relative, carer or friend. All Hospice staff are committed not just to your physical care, but also your spiritual care.

Our spirituality is that which makes each of us unique. It relates to those things in which we find meaning, hope, love and purpose. For some it will be reflected in what they have achieved in life or who have been the key people in their relationships. For some it may have a religious element expressed in a belief and practised through a particular faith.

If you do follow the practice of a particular faith and would like your own minister, priest or religious leader to visit whilst you are here, they are welcome. We do offer times of prayer and anointing with oil. If you would like to receive Communion at any time this can be arranged; either via your own minister or the Hospice Chaplain. We currently hold a short Quiet Time Service on Mondays at 11:45am. The Hospice has a chapel, where you can sit, have space or listen to music.

The Chaplaincy Team

Margaret Lillis - Hospice Chaplain. Margaret leads the Chaplaincy team here at the Hospice. She is available most week days in the Hospice, and if not present in the building can always be contacted by the Nursing Staff.

Chris Newton - is a Volunteer Chaplain and is usually in the Hospice every Tuesday. He also assists with the monthly Time to Remember Service.

Eileen Hopper - helps coordinate the Hospice Quiet Time Service on Mondays, and she too assists with the monthly Time to Remember Service.

Find out more in the Introduction to Chaplaincy leaflet.