Christmas at the Hospice

How did your fundraising and donations help the East Cheshire Hospice over the festive season?

Christmas is a busy time for us all, including the Hospice. However, this year has been particularly busy for us, with 13 patients staying in the In Patient Unit on Christmas Day. As always, the Hospice was fully staffed with nurses, doctors, volunteers, housekeeping staff and kitchen staff on Christmas Day, Boxing Day, New Year’s Eve,  New Year’s Day and everything in between.

Christmas is a special time which most of us spend with our families, however for the patients at the Hospice and their families it can be very difficult. Your donations have helped provide amazing care and support to all our patients and their loved ones during Christmas. For example, everyone who was with us on Christmas Day was served a homemade Christmas lunch with all the trimmings, our kitchen made 30 dinners that day.

To try and make Christmas as special as possible,  all of the in patients received a small gift on Christmas morning. Our Chaplain, Margaret held a service in the Chapel here on Christmas day for any patients, visitors and staff who wanted to attend.

As well as the In Patient Unit, our Sunflower Wellbeing  Centre also provided care throughout the month of December. A total of 45 Christmas dinners were served in the week running up to Christmas for outpatients, as well as all the usual services continuing to support patients.

Throughout December the kitchen served Christmas dinners to many guests who attended ‘Meet and Eat’ a service which invites local people from outside the Hospice to come and meet new people, and also get to know us. The kitchen served 125 Christmas dinners throughout December for Meet and Eat. Our chefs got through a lot of turkeys this year!

Your kind donations made it possible for patients and their families to enjoy a comfortable Christmas together for possibly the last time. This is a priceless gift made possible by you.

Thank you.