Volunteer Awards 2018

Members of one of the highest valued teams working for East Cheshire Hospice received a big “thank you” recently.

The 600-strong team of volunteers who work tirelessly for the Hospice throughout the year were honoured at a special event held at Mottam St. Andrew village hall.

The annual event attracted around 120 volunteers who heard the Hospice President, Lord-Lieutenant David Briggs MBE, KStJ, say how much their support is valued by the Hospice.

He presented two special long-service awards to volunteers Elspeth Julian and Jean Musa who have been helping out behind the scenes since the Hospice began its operations in 1988.

Elspeth from Macclesfield is a volunteer counsellor and Jean, also from Macclesfield, has helped with a range of fundraising activities over the years.

Also receiving her 25- year award was Doris Barker who at 92 is one of the oldest volunteers with the Hospice. Doris helps out regularly at the Chestergate charity shop in Macclesfield.

“The day was a very special day both for the volunteers and the staff of the Hospice who don’t always get to meet some of these very hardworking volunteers on a regular basis,” says Helena Smith, Volunteers Services Co-Ordinator at the Hospice. “It was our way of recognising the tremendous value of what they do week-in and week- out”.

To thank the volunteers, the staff of the Hospice made all the cakes for the event including a special sunflower “thank you” cake made by Emma Lloyd, assistant manager at the Handforth charity shop.