FOCUS - on Ebay

Seeing is believing for one East Cheshire Hospice volunteer, Fiona Bradley, who certainly had to focus clearly when she came across an unusual donation.

The vintage cine camera, lens and case was handed in to the Hospice at their Thornton Square shop and Fiona certainly wasn’t camera-shy in trying to find out more about it.

Fiona discovered that the two camera lenses which accompanied the camera were potentially valuable and put the items on e-Bay.

Bidding started at just £60 but jumped up to over £250 within 3 days and eventually sold for £460 and went to a collector in the south of England.

The Dekko Dallmeyer camera and lenses were thought to be made in the 1930s by the British company J. H. Dallmeyer which was founded in London in 1860 by John Howard Dellmeyer who had emigrated from Prussia.

Dellmeyer was an optic specialist and concentrated on making high-end lenses which sold around the world attracting many famous buyers including T. E. Lawrence, better known as Lawrence of Arabia, who bought his Dallmeyer in 1910 for his archaeological photography in Syria.

The company stopped production of cameras and lenses in the 1930s.

“Both the camera  and the case were in very, very good condition and I know from past experience that often the lenses can be worth more than the camera itself,” says Fiona who has been a volunteer with the Hospice for just over a year.

E-Commerce manager for the Hospice, Suvi Harriman, says cameras are often handed in but she was surprised this one fetched so much.

“It was Fiona’s quick thinking that helped spot this great find,” says Suvi.

“Our Ebay shop has become a very big part of our retail team as it attracts a worldwide audience and I’m sure that the people who donate their goods to us would love us to maximize the income to the hospice,” she adds.


 “We always welcome all kinds of donations and donors can be assured that we take the time to care and research items to enable us to maximise the value of the donations for the Hospice,” she adds.

“I have learned so much during the last two and a half years which I have worked here and would love to see the Ebay side of retail grow even more,” she adds.

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