ECH Blog

The newest recruit at East Cheshire Hospice looks set to get the conversation going.

Jack Layden, 24, is the new digital marketeer at the Hospice and has just published his first blog outlining the work of the Hospice team all over Christmas.

A former Wilmslow High School pupil, Jack describes himself as “pretty clueless” when it comes to IT hardware and networks, but is, by comparison, a whizz with social media and loves how it creates and supports informal communications.

“I never studied IT or computing at school and it’s just something I’ve picked up. My favourite social media tool is Instagram – I love how it can turn anyone into a professional photographer,” says Jack. “But I’ll be using all forms of social media to tell people all about the Hospice and the great work that goes on here.

“I plan to expand the media content to include specific articles on some of the people and services we have here – there’s so much going on that most people aren’t aware of,” he adds.

Jack previously worked at Peaks and Plains Housing Trust in Macclesfield on a digital inclusion project which helped vulnerable people and the elderly, and it was there that he began to enjoy the “relaxed” form of communication that social media offers.

Jack’s first blog reveals the hard work of the Hospice kitchen staff who made 30 full dinners with all the trimmings on Christmas day.