Success tastes sweet for 'Trolley Dollies'

Tea ladies made a sweet profit after setting up a tuck shop at the Macclesfield solicitors where they work.

Gillian Tomlinson and Christine Forrester live next door to each other in Congleton and raised £1,400 for East Cheshire Hospice from their efforts. 

Half the donation came from their employers Amanda Cunliffe Solicitors which  matched the sum raised from sales to staff over nearly six months.

Gillian and Christine, who share a car to work together every morning, were surprised how much their scheme generated.

Gillian said: "We call ourselves the trolley dollies and sold chocolate and crisps with the hot drinks we normally serve to the staff of almost 100 who work here. 

"We all know how good it feels to have that sugary craving fulfilled but it tastes even sweeter knowing the profits go to charity.

"We only started with £26 worth of food and bought more as we went along. Everyone worked together as a team to reach our goal and work colleagues made donations of crisps and chocolate bars.

"We were blown away when the directors told us they'd match the proceeds. To be honest, I'd not heard of the Hospice until I took part in last year's Starlight Walk so we decided to do something to help.

"All care is provided free but it costs £345 for an overnight stay for a patient nearing end of life and £50 for therapeutic treatment. We're glad to have helped and would like to thank all our colleagues at Amanda Cunliffe Solicitors for their generous support."