Lucy Waters 12 Challenges

A young police clerk has opted to put in the time this year by tackling twelve gruelling physical challenges in twelve months to raise money for the East Cheshire Hospice in memory of her parents who both died within weeks of each other in 2015.

Lucy Waters, 25, had only ever run one 10k race before deciding that she wanted to honour her parents by raising money for the East Cheshire Hospice where her mother, Susan, spent some time before her death in March 2015. A few weeks later her father Nick died suddenly of a blood clot.

“The support we received from the Hospice was invaluable and I really wanted to give something back to them so they can continue their amazing work,” says 25-year-old Lucy who lives in Wilmslow. “I toyed with the idea of a one-off event such as marathon or sky jump but then I thought it would be more interesting if I did a challenge every month for a whole year”.

And despite some scepticism from family and friends, that’s just what Lucy has done. Last Sunday she took part in her eighth challenge this year – the Birchwood 10k, a challenge that she describes as “not too crazy” in the run up to what she believes will be her toughest challenge , the Chester marathon in October.

Her fitness challenge calendar began in January with a 10k fell run at Rivington Pike which took place during the night.

“I slightly underestimated that one as it was cold and wet and with 300 runners going in front of me, it was really muddy and tough-going” says Lucy, who works as a criminal records updating clerk for Cheshire Police.

“In February I did another 10k – this time in London which I enjoyed very much and in March I did the Wilmslow Half marathon which I must admit was demanding.”

In April, she spent 26 hours completing the Isle of White Challenge where she jogged and walked around a 65-mile coastal path. And in May her challenge was the Nantwich triathlon, which consisted of a swim, a 13 mile bike ride and a 5k run.

Swimming again for one mile in the open water at Lake Windermere was her June challenge which she describes as “one of the hardest”.

“The conditions were really bad with torrential rain making me very wet before I even got in the lake. And it was really cold. However, swimming is one of my favourite sports so I managed to complete it” says Lucy.

And last month she completed the Three Peaks Challenge climbing the highest mountains in England, Scotland and Wales in less than 24 hours.

“I wouldn’t describe myself as a runner, it doesn’t come naturally to me, so some of the challenges have been really daunting for me but so far, so good ,” she says. Ahead of her lies Tough Mudder which she’ll be completing with five friends in September; the Chester Marathon in October; a Commando Series in Kent when she will face a 12k course used by the Royal Marines during their training and she’ll finish the year with another 10k run at Tatton Park in December.

Lucy hopes to raise £3000 for the Hospice by the end of the year and is already well on target, having raised more than £2100 to date via her Just Giving page

“Some people think I’m a bit mad taking on such big monthly challenges but I know my Mum and Dad would be proud of what I’m doing – they may think I’m maybe a bit mental but they’d be proud nonetheless,” laughs Lucy.

The fundraising team at East Cheshire Hospice are certainly in awe of Lucy’s accomplishments to date.

“It’s one thing to think about tackling a fitness challenge every month, and it’s another thing to actually do it,” says Hospice Events Assistant, Beth Candy. “ We are all astonished and delighted at how well Lucy has done – completely amazing.”