Louise Jennings' Marathon

Hairdresser Louise Jennings was so thrilled to complete her first London Marathon that she is tempted to do it all over again.

Clients from Lindsay Howard, the salon in Tytherington where she works, joined family and friends in sponsoring her.

Louise, from Macclesfield, raised an impressive £4,070 for East Cheshire Hospice after crossing the finish line in four hours 37 minutes.

It was a highly creditable performance, especially as the race took place on the warmest day in London Marathon history with temperatures reaching 75 degrees Fahrenheit.

Louise's family were there in force to support her, including her auntie Margaret Black, a nurse at the Hospice.

Louise said: "I might be tempted to do the marathon again next year and have entered the ballot. As there  was so much to take in, I’d like to do it again to appreciate the atmosphere and  it was such an amazing day. 

"I'd like to thank everyone for sponsoring me, including our clients at the salon. The Hospice needs to raise funds to survive so I know how much sponsorship means to them."

It was Louise's first marathon after running two half marathons.