Hospice @Home Service

The aim of East Cheshire Hospice @Home is to complement existing out of hours’ services, working in collaboration with health & social care providers to support patients and families facing end of life. Hospice @Home will facilitate patient choice, allowing them to be cared for and to die in their preferred place preventing unwanted hospital/hospice admissions.

Hospice @Home aims to deliver an equitable service for terminally ill and frail patients and their families and carers. The service provides short term practical and emotional support, with rapid and planned response during out of hours to enhance quality of life and reduce crisis. 

We will share records with other health professionals via EMIS web and keep in regular contact with care co-coordinators.

Patients will access the service through:

  • Any healthcare professional
  • Referral from hospital
  • Self-referral supported by GP
  • Care Home and Nursing Home (advice & support only)

Referral criteria

To access the service, patients should:

  • Be over the age of 18
  • Agree to the referral
  • Have life limiting illness and are assessed to be within the last 6-8 weeks of life with a non-reversible deterioration
  • Have an identified need for Hospice @Home
  • Have an end of life plan in place
  • Ideally be on practice GSF register.

How to refer

Referral form available HERE




Direct line:

01625 664999

Advice line:  

01625 666999


01625 665697

In Patient Unit:

01625 665683