Grand Canyon Trek, 'what an experience!'

East Cheshire Hospice fundraiser, Beth Candy, will never forget her Wild West adventure which has helped to raise around £50,000 for the Hospice.  

Overcoming man-made and geographical challenges, Beth, was part of a 12-strong Hospice team who recently trekked across the Grand Canyon for three days – climbing cliffs and walking down steep canyon paths in hot conditions.

With a cancelled flight on the outbound journey to Las Vegas, the team’s trek was cut from four to three days but still managed to include adventure, endeavor and a few surprises.

“I really didn’t expect to be clinging on chains on tiny, little rock edges down a 1400 hundred feet cliff on day one,” says 21-year-old Beth. “And the worst bit was, we all knew we had to go up it again on our way back!”.

The team walked around six to eight hours a day with heavy rucksacks on a trek that was far away from the busy tourist routes on the more remote Havasupai reservation in one of the world’s most beautiful, natural valleys.

“There wasn’t a single step that was flat on the trek – it was all rocks and we were permanently walking downhill,” says Beth. “It was tough but also one olf the most spectacular and amazing things I’ve ever done in my life.”

Carrying heavy rucksacks down steep pathways proved too much for some and the team were grateful to the youngest of their bunch, 18-year-old Conor Holah, who carried more than one rucksack on occasions.

“I had a knee injury which was exacerbated by the walking but we were lucky that there was nothing more calamitous than that on the trek,” says Beth. “The best bet was the swim under 147 feet high waterfalls which was unforgettable.”

Beth says she would recommend the trip to anyone and adds: “But I won’t be doing it again!”.

With sponsorship money still trickling in the team hope their final total will near £50,000 to help the Hospice.