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The Price of Love

Charity Single – The Price of Love. Raising money for East Cheshire Hospice.

Please have a listen 🙂, share, buy, read, and donate should you want to.

I wrote The Price of Love whilst going through 2 grief reactions close together; the first one was my mum and then my oldest cat, the Redster. It made me think about grief and how we and other people attempt to measure it.

I felt equally upset about both losses, maybe one compounded the other, maybe I should not try to make sense of it. Regardless, I dedicate this song to both them and what they meant to me.

I reflected that it does not matter what or who you have lost, it’s what they meant to you. We should try and acknowledge all loss – people, pets, a life once lived, etc and support people in whatever way we can. This is the best of the human condition. It is not up to individuals to quantify another person’s grief or loss, just help them. We will all go through it one day. Love is love and loss is loss in the end.

The Price of Love is about the unpredictability of life and how things can change in a heartbeat. There is little that we can really control though we perceive that we can . It addresses how we can navigate through loss and grief with support and by believing things will get better and keeping our faith – whatever that may be. It is a song from the heart for sure.

The Price of love is that we will feel loss and emotional pain at points in our life, but would you rather live in a world without love so as not to suffer from grief?

As a songwriter I hope people listen to the song and maybe find comfort from the song and its meaning, particularly if you are suffering the acute effects of grief. I am sure it will resonate with many of you. I am hoping it portrays a positive message in the end. The process of writing this song has certainly helped me to heal from my grief. It has been a therapy in itself.

I wanted to support the hospice as my mum would have benefitted from hospice care during her illness. Unfortunately, she was not able to access this soon enough. The hospice movement provides great care and expertise helping people and their loved ones to have more dignified and comfortable passing. I know hospices rely heavily on charitable donations.

To download the song please follow the links below.

If you would like to download the song and in doing so donate to the Hospice, please go to Lee Wadsworth is fundraising for East Cheshire Hospice (

“This beautiful drawing of myself, mum and my cat perhaps walking along the long road of life or maybe taking them to the gates of heaven was drawn by Ginny McDermott who is a local landscape artist . She is a Hospice shop volunteer and was very keen to help with the artwork to support the fundraising effort.”

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