Beating the Bounds 2018

Thank you for your interest in Beating the Bounds!

Beating the Bounds is an annual event organised by Wilmslow Support Group. The aim of the day is to raise money for East Cheshire Hospice, whilst also bringing together many different parts of the Wilmslow community. This is the second year of the event and this time it includes a whole range of different activities so that there's something to suit everyone, no matter what your age, ability or interest. The day will end by bringing everyone together for a barbecue at Wimslow Rugby Club.

What is Beating the Bounds?

Beating the bounds is an ancient custom still observed in some English and Welsh parishes. Under the name of the Gangdays the custom of going a-ganging was kept before the Norman Conquest. A group of old and young members of the community would walk the boundaries of the parish, usually led by the parish priest and church officials, to share the knowledge of where they lay, and to pray for protection and blessings for the lands.

To view the Parish Boundary for this Beating the Bounds event please see the link below.

What are the events this year?

Please click on each event to find out more:

  • 15 mile trail run over parish boundary route
  • 15 mile walk over parish boundary route
  • 8 mile walk, finishing at the Merlin with minibus back to Wilmslow Rugby Club
  • Family walk, going into Styal Woods for picnic and games
  • Dog walk along the River Bollin
  • Leisurely stroll into Styal Village of about 2 miles total 
  • Landscape photography course

All events begin and end at Wilmslow Rugby Club.

Online registration is now closed

If you would like to come along to Beating the Bounds, please contact the Wilmslow Support Group on or 07867 802744.


As your entrance fee covers the cost of the event, we do ask that everyone tries to raise at least £30 of sponsorship. Every penny you raise really does make a huge difference in helping us to provide essential care in your local community, especially in this 30th year of East Cheshire Hospice.

Alternatively, if you'd rather not raise sponsorship money, you are able to make a donation to the Hospice of £30 when you book your place. Thank you so much for your support.