Commemorative Sunflowers
& Plaques

Buy a commemorative sunflower or plaque to celebrate our 30th anniversary

We are offering our supporters two unique opportunities to help us celebrate the 30th anniversary of the opening of East Cheshire Hospice. Anyone who makes a purchase will be invited to leave a personalised message in our special online book HERE and all proceeds will go to the Hospice to help fund the next 30 years!

Ceramic Sunflowers

We have had beautiful ceramic sunflowers designed for us by local potter Caroline Tattersall from Poynton Pottery. Each flower is handmade and glazed, and would make a beautiful garden ornament.

For just £30 you could own this unique reminder of the work and impact of the Hospice since 1988. 

Commemorative Plaques

We are often asked if there is a way to leave a permanent tribute to a loved one here at the Hospice, and until now this has not always been possible.  However, to commemorate our 30th year we are offering the chance to have a beautful sandstone plaque made and installed at the rear of the Hospice, overlooking the fields behind our building.

At a purchase price of £1000 this is a unique opportunity to support the Hospice and to ensure that your loved one will always be remembered here.


To buy a sunflower or plaque, please contact the Fundraising team on 01625 433477.
Thank you.