Ruth Bass Donation

Growing gooseberries was a passion for Noel Street and so was East Cheshire Hospice.

His affinity to the charity was not forgotten after he died in June with £1,090 donated to the charity in his memory.

Noel's daughter Ruth Bass, from Broken Cross, was honoured to hand over £590 in funeral donations and a further £500 on behalf of Over Peover Gooseberry Show.

She was accompanied by 14-month-old identical twin granddaughters Ava-Rose and Evie-Mae Bass who live in Lyme Green with mum and dad Chris and Tori.

Noel was a member of the show for 65 years, becoming the group's first honorary member in recognition of his long service as a gooseberry grower and exhibitor in the village where he lived.

Noel, aged 83, was a keen supporter of the Hospice, even though he was not a patient. Many friends and family were cared for there.         

Ruth Bass said: "I feel really proud that something good has come out of something bad. My father loved the Hospice which is such a wonderful place and needs funds to provide care for its patients.

"When he was 80 he wanted donations to the Hospice instead of birthday presents and that raised almost £300.

"We were blown away by the generous donations at his funeral and I'd also like to thank the gooseberry show for their kind gesture which is much appreciated. "