30th Anniversary Mural

Artist Jennie Pardon is using her creative talents to help put a smile on the faces of visitors, patients and staff at East Cheshire Hospice.

Jennie has drawn several brightly coloured murals on the Hospice walls, five years after she created her first impressions there.

Her original pictures of sunflowers - the Hospice emblem - have decorated the corridor of the inpatient ward.

Jennie, from Langley, was invited back to create further art work at the Sunflower Wellbeing  Centre, on bathroom interiors and then again, as part of the charity's 30th birthday celebrations.

Jennie worked at the Hospice as a ward clerk for almost 10 years before leaving to concentrate full time on her own business Jennie Wren Art, specialising in pet portraits, murals, face painting and  personalised gift wear.

She has kept in close contact with the Hospice, raising more than £48,000 in the last two years as a member of the Barn Bash Birds, a group of six girls who have raised funds for the charity.

Jennie said: "My work is quite varied which I enjoy but the biggest kick I get is from the mural work at the Hospice. The feedback I get from patients and what a difference it makes to them is fantastic.

"I feel very passionate about the Hospice and bringing art there is amazing - it doesn't get better than that for me and I'll always be involved as a fundraiser."

Jennie is already working on her next Hospice project, painting by the Children's Services department. The mural is sponsored by Shelagh Malley from the Church House pub, Sutton. 

Jennie added: "People arriving at the hospice can quite rightly feel anxious, not knowing what to expect. The next illustration will also be welcoming, bright and playful, linking up the field of sunflowers along the inpatient corridor with a 'daisy chain' effect leading to the Children’s Services."

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